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Your Guide

Jennifer Dobossy is JDC, LLC Owner, Community Engagement and Philanthropy Strategist and creator of 4Ps to Impact TM. Jennifer has 20 years of experience in national philanthropy including nearly a decade of work at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, one of the top five largest foundations in the U.S. She led her professional athlete client’s foundation to earn recognition as Non-Profit of the Year; and served as a lead consultant on a national program funded by the NFL Foundation. Jennifer returned to her hometown in Minnesota where she resides with her husband and two sons.

Jennifer believes in the transformational power sports leaders have when they engage in a sound philanthropic strategy to impact individuals and communities. She volunteers as a youth soccer coach and youth leader at her church. She is on the Boards of the Global Institute for Responsible Sports Organizations and All Square, a civil rights social enterprise. Jennifer earned a Masters of Public Administration from New York University and Sports Impact Leadership Certificate from Johns Hopkins University.

I Promise to:

  • help you define what impact means to you and create a sustainable plan to make it happen
  • demonstrate integrity, moral courage and candor
  • listen to you
  • be efficient with your time
  • honor those you love and those who helped make you great
  • provide highest level of expertise on the impact you desire
  • educate you and your team on best practices and latest trends
  • steer you away from one-time events that have little or no impact
  • share vetted potential partners and networks
  • serve as a sound steward of your resources
  • meet your standard of excellence in how you show up in communities that matter to you

JDC’s 4Ps to Impact

Your Plan will:

  • Define your Purpose

  • Name the Places you want to impact

  • Identify the Partners that advance your vision

  • Be Sustainable - to meet your capacity regardless of where you are in your career

If you have an existing strategy, our Impact Audit will provide a blueprint for improvement



Schedule a 45 minute appointment. Let's share our stories so we can see if your passions align with my expertise.


We agree to work together


Implement your plan


You are well on your way to impacting the communities you love.


Frequently Asked Questions


I have too many demands of my time and resources. Why should I develop a giving back strategy?

This process will help you know what to say “yes” to with your time, talent and treasure ensuring alignment to what is most important to you off the field/court.


Why this process? Why not just start a foundation and host a fundraising event?

We believe that partnerships with vetted organizations that have demonstrated impact are the key to creating high-impact on in the causes and communities important to you. Approximately 90% of player foundations close within three years of retirement. The vast majority of private athlete foundations are not funded by their athlete founder and close due to “misdirected funds, inadequate oversight, poor leadership, lack of commitment, low impact, lack of measurement or evaluation.” (Babiak 2014) Why should the public give to you and your organization and not give to organizations in the community that have been doing effective work way longer than you have?


How do you try to ensure your work is culturally relevant?

We listen. We seek to understand our clients’ interests, motivations and stories. We seek to understand the individuals and communities most important to our clients. We engage with issue experts and thought leaders who are representative of the communities most important to our clients. We work in authentic partnership with networks that are racially and culturally relevant to the communities we serve and to the impact our clients’ envision. These efforts inform our strategy design and includes the voices of those most affected by the work.


How do you engage with my family and trusted friends whom I want to be involved with my giving back strategy?

We work directly with you and your spouse or family member. Our process educates you and your trusted network. It provides a road map with suggested partners and best practices to guide your implementation of the plan; and we can advise as needed along the way.

We honor and respect your whole self, not just your identity as an athlete. We demonstrate respect for the special role that professional athletes’ families, especially their mothers and wives have in their lives.


I don’t want to have to create more work for myself and keep all members of my personal team – agent, PR agency, team’s community relations dept. informed. How can that be achieved?

We will create an engagement and communications strategy that results in a consistent personal brand narrative which we can share with your personal team.

Let's talk

If you'd like to get in touch, please email us at jennifer@dobossy.org.